November 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

November 1

Enable Gospel Outreach in Burkina Faso

A question in a local ministry’s Bible study material spurred Christians to mobilize villagers for a community improvement project, opening the way for workers to lead 54 people to Christ, including many Muslims.

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November 2

Help Form New Christians in Lebanon

Despite the presence in a refugee camp of Islamic relatives and neighbors, a Muslim family of six has put their faith in Christ after hearing the gospel from local missionaries who provided aid. The family members are inviting others in the camp to meetings.

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November 3

Send the Good News in South Asia

As COVID-19 protocols allow, local missionaries visit new villages, befriend residents and start small groups to share the gospel. Many sick people attend the meetings and receive healing prayer.

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November 6

Provide Aid for Disaster Victims in Bangladesh

Torrential rains caused flooding in southeast Bangladesh this summer that caused many people to lose both their homes and their daily work, and local missionaries provided emergency food and shelter to hundreds of them, including some recently baptized Christians.

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November 11

Equip Gospel Workers in Nepal

In discipleship training with local missionaries, two young men learned to bless and do good to those who curse and hate them. When a co-worker found out they were Christians and began reviling them in foul language, their refusal to retaliate and instead respond with kindness piqued his curiosity.

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November 12

Help Plant Strong Churches in South Asia

During the three and a half months that a pandemic lockdown kept a church from meeting, the gospel advanced beyond its normal reach as local missionaries created Zoom and YouTube links for services. Ministry team members also planted 10 house churches over the course of six months.

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November 13

Provide Aid to the Needy in Burma

As military conflict has intensified, more people have lost income or been driven from their homes into jungles. Local missionaries have provided food, health care and other aid to Internally Displaced People and children’s homes.

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November 14

Help Workers to Proclaim Christ in China

An elderly man had repeatedly rejected the gospel, but he returned to local missionaries when he was in the final stages of cancer, and they again shared the message of salvation with him. He repented of his sins, received Christ and was joyously anticipating heaven at his death.

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November 15

Help Lead People to the Lord in Chad

In gospel outreaches that included screenings of the Jesus Film and home visits, local missionaries recently led 47 people to Christ and planted five churches. A woman who received an Arabic Bible attended discipleship courses along with her children, received Christ, and now she composes songs that she and her kids sing to worship God.

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November 16

Send Message of Eternal Glory in Spain

Inmates in prisons, prostitutes and refugees are receiving the imperishable inheritance of salvation after listening to local missionaries share the gospel. Officials in one city were so impressed by the transformation they saw in immigrants, prostitutes and narcotraffickers that they provided a place for workers to minister to them.

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November 17

Bring Christ’s Love to Prisoners in Ecuador

An inmate continued selling drugs in prison and extorted money from other prisoners until he heard the testimony of a cellmate whom a local missionary had led to Christ. Touched by how his cellmate’s life had been redeemed, he accepted Christ, receives biblical discipleship at the church workers planted inside the prison and shares the gospel with other prisoners and their families.

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November 18

Provide the Gospel Word in Pakistan

An impoverished Christian had been looking for an audio Bible for 10 years before he met a local missionary who provided him one. The illiterate Christian has found it invaluable for strengthening his faith and sharing Christ with others.

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November 19

Help the Internally Displaced and Refugees in Iraq

More than 1 million internally displaced people and refugees remain unable to return home due to military destruction or ongoing violence, about half of them children. Some of these people have lost loved ones to Islamic extremists or other militants, and all have lost their homes and jobs.

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November 20

Help Equip Gospel Workers in Ghana

From soccer tournaments where youths hear the gospel to seminars for merchants on how to do business with Christian principles, local missionaries have seen much fruit from multiple opportunities to proclaim Christ. Through their sports ministries, 179 young adults have received the Lord’s salvation.

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November 21

Reconcile the Lost to God in Peru

A 35-year-old farmer whose foot had to be amputated after a minor wound became infected went to a Christian retreat for a local Quechua community, where he put his faith in Christ. Workers continued to care for him and, through biblical reflections, helped him reconcile with family members, which led four of them to receive Christ.

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November 22

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Laos

When two or three families put their faith in Christ, initially they worship at a local missionary’s church in a nearby village until some can be trained to lead church services at a home in their own community. This can lead to persecution by relatives, neighbors and officials in their own villages, but Christians have refused to renounce their faith.

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November 26

Help Workers Proclaim God’s Grace in the Philippines

Men in a tribal area showed no interest in Bible studies, saying they were too busy working and that such meetings were only for women, but a local missionary has involved men from two villages in study of God’s Word. “These men have shown great change in their lives by committing themselves to join the Bible study,” the ministry leader said.

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November 27

Help Send Christ’s Love to Refugees in Europe

Two young men from Africa survived an Islamic extremist attack that killed the rest of the members of their family and fled to Spain, where they received aid and a secure place to heal at a local ministry’s center. After putting their trust in Christ, they were zealous as they shared their faith with other refugees.

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November 28

Help Bring Gospel Power in South Asia

Knowledge of the Lord is transforming lives throughout the region. A young man who was working to help support his parents and siblings had an accident that left him unable to stand, creating hardship as his mother was paralyzed and his father struggled to support them as a day-laborer.

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November 29

Help Announce the Salvation Message in Kenya

Praises that churches on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic have been revived, and home visits have resulted in many people coming to the Lord. In one area terrorized by the sound of screams and of invisible stones hitting homes, local missionaries organized Christians to pray against unclean spirits.

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November 30

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Local Workers

In remote areas as well as urban centers amid daunting difficulties, locally based missionaries are making disciples in spite of threats from disease and opposition. Often their biggest obstacle, however, is poverty. Your support enables them to take on these challenges to proclaim the gospel in joy and in confidence with the backing of the worldwide Body of Christ.

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