May 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

May 1

Help Send the Gospel

Sunday, May 1 – Laos
People are coming to Christ in spite of persecution that has driven some from their homes. Local missionaries are proclaiming Christ by radio, USB drives and Facebook, with 1.2 million people viewing Facebook Live messages over the course of a year.

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May 2

Equip Workers to Proclaim Salvation

Monday, May 2 – Peru
Pray for new Christians as pastors and other local missionaries teach and encourage them. One worker is providing Bible training to church leaders to better equip them to deepen the faith of ethnic Yanesha villagers.

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May 3

Bring the Message of Eternal Life

Tuesday, May 3 – China
The message of redemption in Christ is overcoming barriers to bring peace to many hearts. Local missionaries visiting homes in one town saw two people put their faith in Christ, and in another area seven people were saved.

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May 4

Help Sow Gospel Seed

Wednesday, May 4 – Chad
Using Bible stories translated into the heart languages of people from various unreached tribes, local missionaries overcame Muslims’ anti-Christian bias and were able to sow much gospel seed.

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May 5

Help Equip Church Planters

Thursday, May 5 – Lebanon
The pandemic sometimes requires the gospel to be shared in small groups, but the Good News is entering the hearts of people in many ways.

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May 6

Support Local Missionaries

Friday, May 6 – Nepal
During lockdowns, local missionaries led online worship services and in-person small groups, and they also found opportunities to share the gospel and distribute Bibles.

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May 7

Help Form Disciples

Saturday, May 7 – Sri Lanka
In an area where Christianity is viewed as a foreign religion linked with former colonial occupation, local missionaries are breaking up hard soil to plant gospel seeds.

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May 8

Provide Aid to Refugees

Sunday, May 8 – Europe
Local missionaries with outreach to North Africans found a young man who had grown up in an orphanage shivering with cold under a building stairway.

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May 9

Support Evangelistic Outreach

Monday, May 9 – India
A young woman whose family deeply opposed Christianity heard a local missionary share the salvation message at a worship service and felt God’s love for the first time.

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May 10

Help Cover Worker Expenses

Tuesday, May 10 – Ghana
A woman who was the target of black magic stopped fearing such attacks after a local missionary led her to Christ, and she then shared the gospel with her husband.

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May 11

Send the Salvation Message

Wednesday, May 11 – Pakistan
The gospel sounded forth to more than 2,000 people as local missionaries recently proclaimed that Jesus is the Christ in 30 different areas.

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May 12

Provide for Workers’ Monthly Upkeep

Thursday, May 12 – Iraq
Local missionaries are bringing the love of Christ in desperately needed aid, Bible distribution and proclamation of the gospel to thousands of people who have never heard the Good News.

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May 13

Help Train Local Missionaries

Friday, May 13 – China
A Bible school emphasizes hands-on training so that students learn by doing. They regularly intercede for others in prayer and strive to share their faith with a certain number of non-Christians each month.

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May 14

Help Cover Workers’ Costs

Saturday, May 14 – India
A local missionary has relocated her family to a remote area where there is no church, devoting one floor of her house as a place of prayer for all who are interested.

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May 15

Help Persecuted Christians

Sunday, May 15 – Africa
Christians driven from their land by Islamic extremist persecution need food, clothing and the resources necessary to begin their lives anew in safe locations.

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May 16

Support Ministry Outreaches

Monday, May 16 – Brazil
Native missionaries are visiting remote villages and turning people from darkness to the light of Christ, distributing Christian literature in their local dialects and providing poorer families with food baskets, clothes and other aid.

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May 19

Send Message of Redemption

Thursday, May 19 – Indonesia
A 21-year-old woman was on the path to a life of sin when local missionaries met her during a recent outreach, and she was deeply moved by the story of the sinful woman anointing Christ’s feet and wiping them with her hair.

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May 21

Equip Gospel Workers

Saturday, May 21 – Burundi
Under shelter of palm trees, a fellowship of three people that a local missionary planted grew to 20 members in three months.

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May 23

Assist Sharing of the Gospel

Monday, May 23 – Mexico
Praises that the unbelieving wife of a Christian began attending a local missionary’s church, and after two months of studying God’s Word she received Christ as Lord and Savior.

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May 25

Unleash the Message of Redemption

Wednesday, May 25 – Albania
In a country with an anti-religion history and a majority-Muslim population, local missionaries are in prime position to share the gospel in a complex culture.

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May 28

Help Reveal the Gospel

Saturday, May 28 – South Asia
In the course of seeking deliverance from COVID-19, villagers opposed to Christianity in a remote area unstopped their ears to hear local missionaries proclaim Christ’s saving death and resurrection.

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May 29

Provide Aid for the Needy

Sunday, May 29 – Bangladesh
A local ministry lost its founders to COVID-19, but the leader is thankful that workers have been able to continue sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of the poor.

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May 30

Help Build Income for the Poor

Monday, May 30 – Philippines
Almost all the poor tribal people in remote areas who received loans from a native ministry for micro-enterprise farming projects have gained their livelihood from them and paid off the initial debt.

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May 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Tuesday, May 31 – Christian Aid
For local missionaries high in commitment but low in resources, you are a hero of the faith for supporting them to help the poor and needy and proclaim Christ in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous areas.

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