March 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

March 1

Help Persecuted Christians

Tuesday, March 1 – Syria
A Muslim divorced his wife because she and their daughter put their faith in Christ Jesus, and the mother and child are facing such dangerous threats from Muslims that local missionaries have to move them from one location to another.

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March 2

Support Local Missionaries

Wednesday, March 2 – China
When a substance abuser entered a native ministry’s rehabilitation center, it was evident to workers that he had no sense of responsibility, and his wife and parents were devastated by his addiction.

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March 3

Help Bring Gospel to Muslims

Thursday, March 3 – North Africa
In a country where the slightest whiff of disloyalty to Islam can bring swift persecution, local workers take great care to avoid attracting attention as they quietly form new disciples.

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March 4

Help Cover Worker Expenses

Friday, March 4 – South Asia
Local missionaries praying for the sick, including many suffering from COVID-19, were filled with joy to see them healed and 50 of them receive Christ.

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March 5

Equip Church Planters

Saturday, March 5 – Russia
Even as COVID-19 raged, native missionaries fulfilled their vision of planting a church in a major city. A team of young people started a fellowship in the city a year ago, and it has grown to 60 worshippers.

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March 6

Send the Gospel to the Unreached

Sunday, March 6 – Peru
A woman in a remote Quechua village put her faith in Christ at a Bible training offered by a native missionary, but her husband stoutly refused to hear anything of the gospel – until his wife fell ill with COVID-19.

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March 7

Provide Gospel Tools and Training

Monday, March 7 – Africa
Recently 32 native missionaries received instruction in effective use of audio Bibles in order to plant churches, along with training in business start-ups to help sustain themselves and serve the communities they’re planning to reach with the gospel.

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March 8

Help Build God’s Kingdom

Tuesday, March 8 – Greece
A married couple that local missionaries led to the Lord met a refugee from Iraq and shared Christ with him. After further conversations with the husband, the refugee visited the local ministry, where workers guided him to faith in Christ.

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March 9

Bring the Message of Eternal Life

Wednesday, March 9 – Sri Lanka
The Lord is working through signs and wonders on the island country. A woman oppressed by an unclean spirit for 15 years was delivered from bondage after a local missionary prayed for her, leading her and most others in her village to put their faith in Christ.

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March 10

Provide Aid to Refugees

Thursday, March 10 – Turkey
The few Syrian refugees who have been able to find work have seen purchasing power dwindle due to spikes in inflation.

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March 11

Help Support Kingdom Workers

Friday, March 11 – India
When congregations were prohibited from gathering during lockdowns, local missionaries visited church members in their homes, encouraging them to let go of fear and trust in the Lord.

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March 13

Send Aid to the Needy

Sunday, March 13 – Colombia
Through revival meetings, individual sharing, Bible studies and other outreaches, local missionaries recently led 198 people to faith in Christ Jesus in spite of COVID-19 restrictions.

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March 14

Transform Lives with the Gospel

Monday, March 14 – Pakistan
Amid a pandemic-battered economy, local missionaries are busy counseling troubled people in the 96-percent Muslim country, visiting homes and leading Bible studies and prayer meetings.

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March 15

Provide Compassionate Aid

Tuesday, March 15 – China
Taking pandemic precautions, local missionaries visited ethnic minority migrants with aid and the gospel, and 20 of the tribal people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

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March 16

Help with Native Worker Costs

Wednesday, March 16 – Lebanon
The tanking economy has left many local missionaries as badly off as the people they are serving. Transportation is critical to outreach, but workers wait in lines for four to five hours to obtain gas at prices that have skyrocketed.

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March 17

Spread Gospel Seeds

Thursday, March 17 – Albania
The gospel is spreading in this 57-percent Muslim country despite COVID-19 as local missionaries reach people through social media.

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March 18

Contribute to Worker Livelihood

Friday, March 18 – Philippines
A native ministry sent 10 workers up a steep mountain to strengthen young churches that local missionaries had established in several towns where pagans worship nature gods.

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March 21

Provide Bibles in Native Languages

Monday, March 21 – Mexico
Six years ago, a 74-year-old farmer began listening to Bible readings in his tribal tongue that a local missionary offered through loudspeakers every weekday morning, and after a few months he began attending the local church.

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March 22

Lift the Poor Out of Poverty

Tuesday, March 22 – Africa
A widow with six children has begun earning income to support them thanks to a sewing machine and vocational training she received from a local ministry.

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March 23

Send Critical Aid to Refugees

Wednesday, March 23 – Jordan
Refugees from Syria, Iraq and now Yemen are not allowed to work legally and have urgent needs for shelter, food, clothing, heaters, blankets and medicine.

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March 24

Help Form Strong Disciples

Thursday, March 24 – Nepal
Open evangelism is facing widespread opposition and pandemic restrictions, but still the gospel advances from one heart to another.

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March 25

Save Refugees with Aid and Gospel

Friday, March 25 – Spain
Fleeing mafias, other criminals or war, refugees from Africa and other regions of conflict have experienced great loss by the time they meet local missionaries in Spain.

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March 26

Help Proclaim Salvation Message

Saturday, March 26 – Vietnam
Villagers from the Mang people group who visited a house church local missionaries planted among the Hmong were surprised to see how worshippers were so consistently joyful without drinking alcohol.

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March 28

Help Workers Plant Churches

Monday, March 28 – Bangladesh
Going from one village to another, local missionaries visited homes where they encouraged people to replace worry with the desire to do the will of God.

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