June 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

June 1

Provide Aid to Anguished Refugees

Wednesday, June 1 – Turkey
Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other areas of conflict arrive in anguish, often ill, and they are hard-pressed to find work in a troubled economy. Many mothers who have lost their husbands arrive with children in need of nutrition, health care and education.

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June 2

Assist Evangelism & Discipleship

Thursday, June 2 – China
People are glorifying God as they learn from a Bible study program offered by local missionaries who are operating 688 classes in order to form new and stronger disciples. One student learned to discern God’s will regarding his family’s pagan practices and to trust in God’s ways rather than his own, and workers have been heartened to see others grow closer to the Lord.

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June 3

Support Local Missionaries

Friday, June 3 – India
As people come to Christ, needs grow both to nurture them in the faith and to train church leaders taking on increased responsibilities. To further train church leaders, local missionaries provided video teachings that were translated into their tribal languages.

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June 4

Help Bring the Message of Eternal Life

Saturday, June 4 – Gambia
People are hearing the gospel through home visits, Bible studies and film screenings, as well as digital media and phone conversations. Muslim parents of students at a local ministry’s school commented on how they were impressed at the knowledge and life training their children have gained.

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June 5

Help Cover Worker Costs

Sunday, June 5 – Argentina
As COVID-19 restrictions on evangelistic gatherings loosened, a local missionary visited a village where a 35-year-old man came to a meeting and gave his life to Christ. “Our sisters and brothers gathered for worship and cried out to the Lord to free them from all evil in these pandemic times,” the ministry leader said. “Many souls were reached by Christ.”

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June 6

Bring Critical Aid to Refugees

Monday, June 6 – Europe
A sizeable number of refugees are unaccompanied minors. Local missionaries at one European port recently provided food, clothes and hygiene items to about 100 minors per day who arrived from troubled countries in Africa and other areas.

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June 7

Provide Gospel Tools and Training

Tuesday, June 7 – Philippines
Praises that several tribal people recently trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior after local missionaries spent months teaching them God’s interaction with people from Genesis onward.

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June 8

Help Send the Salvation Message

Wednesday, June 8 – Nepal
Local missionaries have nurtured new believers online or in small groups; the number of new Christians benefiting from such training by one ministry totaled more than 300 over a period of six months.

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June 9

Help Support Native Workers

Thursday, June 9 – North Africa
Abused women, troubled teenagers and disabled men were among the many despairing people experiencing the love of Christ through local missionaries.

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June 10

Help the Displaced to Recover

Friday, June 10 – Iraq
With nearly 1.2 million Internally Displaced People, Iraq has one of the highest numbers of IDPs in the world. Various military conflicts persist, depriving people of their homes and businesses, in addition to those who remain homeless from the prior occupation of the Islamic State (ISIS).

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June 11

Send the Gospel to the Unreached

Saturday, June 11 – Sri Lanka
In face-to-face conversations and online, local workers are proclaiming the gospel and seeing people repent and turn to Christ. In many cases, miraculous healings accompany salvation.

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June 12

Help Sustain Local Missionaries

Sunday, June 12 – Mexico
Many schoolteachers have left their work centers due to the pandemic, and local missionaries in rural communities have stepped up to educate children and older youths who feel abandoned.

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June 13

Equip Church Planters

Monday, June 13 – China
The gospel permeates young adult hearts deeply, creating committed, lifelong disciples. Local missionaries strategically focusing on college students taught sound biblical principles at a camp for college students.

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June 15

Help Form Strong Disciples

Wednesday, June 15 – Sierra Leone
Praises that local missionaries recently planted two churches and baptized 42 new Christians. Discipleship is critical, as local missionaries need to ensure that people who have come forward in altar calls understand the meaning of their commitment to Christ.

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June 16

Enable Gospel Proclamation

Thursday, June 16 – Pakistan
Many people are confessing their sins and turning to Christ in the 96-percent Muslim country as local missionaries visit homes and form small groups for Bible study and prayer.

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June 18

Help Refugees Survive and Recover

Saturday, June 18 – Jordan
The needs of refugees are urgent as they have nothing and no legal way to work. Families and individuals from military conflict in Yemen, Syria and Iraq arrive desperate, and local missionaries are providing them shelter, food, clothing and medicine, among other aid.

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June 19

Aid in Driving Gospel Work

Sunday, June 19 – Laos
Tribal villagers heard about Christ on live Facebook teachings and on MP3 players loaded with Bible messages in their native languages, enabling the gospel to take root in once unreached people.

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June 20

Help Send Aid to the Needy

Monday, June 20 – Nigeria
Hundreds of thousands of people displaced by violence need clothing, medical care and social services, which local missionaries are providing them, along with Bibles. Many of the displaced suffer persecution after they put their faith in Christ, and they and Christians who fled their homes due to persecution rely on the refuge that local missionaries offer.

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June 21

Assist in Forming New Disciples

Tuesday, June 21 – Bangladesh
New Christians learned how to study and apply God’s Word in their daily lives when local missionaries provided them Bibles translated into their tribal languages.

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June 22

Help Back Kingdom Workers

Wednesday, June 22 – Spain
Hundreds of refugees from Africa and other areas of conflict have put their faith in Christ after hearing the gospel from local missionaries. Workers recently planted a church with its own building, while house churches sprouted in five areas.

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June 23

Share the Message of Redemption

Thursday, June 23 – Southeast Asia
Workers led a joint worship celebration of their church with brethren from a tribal community, resulting in many tribal people new to the fellowship hearing the gospel. Local missionaries later visited the homes of the new people to talk further about the Messiah and pray with them. At another gathering of tribal people, nearly all the relatives visiting the worship time accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. Local missionaries throughout the region need donations for such evangelism and discipleship activities. Pray that fellowship will remain strong amid intermittent shutdowns due to COVID-19.

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June 24

Help Fund Gospel Outreaches

Friday, June 24 – Ivory Coast
Four churches were recently planted, and local missionaries followed up with lessons and training for the fledgling Christians. In one area, the town chief and other local leaders put their faith in Christ, resulting in the transformation of the village from one of fortune tellers and shamans to a community worshipping God.

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June 25

Bring Kingdom Message to the Unreached

Saturday, June 25 – Peru
Local missionaries have planted churches in three poor, ethnic Quechua areas of southern Peru. In rural areas where 20 local missionaries established congregations, four workers traveled to provide Bible teaching and help organize evangelistic campaigns.

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June 26

Provide for Worker Upkeep

Sunday, June 26 – Lebanon
About 3 million people, or 78 percent of the population, live below the poverty line, and nearly a quarter of the country’s people cannot meet their food needs. Local missionaries weathering the effects of Lebanon’s economic collapse are striving to meet the needs of others.

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June 27

Help Cover Worker Expenses

Monday, June 27 – South Asia
Relatives of a new Christian began attending worship services and were recently delivered from the afflictions of unclean spirits when local missionaries prayed for them. The new believer is praying that these relatives also will come to faith in Christ by learning the Bible as he did.

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June 28

Assist Church-Planting Efforts

Tuesday, June 28 – Vietnam
As the gospel takes root, the need to train church leaders expands. A local ministry recently saw nearly 4,000 students take the first and second levels of its theological training program by extension to help meet the demand for pastors.

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June 29

Support Workers Proclaiming Christ

Wednesday, June 29 – China
Local missionaries are providing Christian teaching across various sectors of society, including parents and families, churches and Sunday school teachers, youth businesses and organizations, ethnic youths and educational institutions.

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June 30

Help Find, Evaluate and Vet Workers

Thursday, June 30 – Christian Aid
Praise God for your partnership with Christian Aid Mission! Your contributions equip and encourage workers called to bring the love of God to their own people in strategic areas of the world where the gospel is either unknown or unembraced.

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