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December 1st


Local missionaries ramp up Scripture distribution during the Christmas season, handing out Bibles en route to Yuletide events where they deliver more copies to people eager to receive them – including many who do not know the Lord but happily participate in the celebrations of the season. Workers organize special Christmas parties for children and their families where they distribute gifts and the Bibles. With celebrations continuing through New Year’s Eve, hundreds of people receive Christ. Donations are sought for Christmas and other outreaches. Pray that local missionaries will be able to work around pandemic restrictions.

December 2nd


The gospel continues to spread in spite of COVID-19 as local missionaries visit homes, hospitals and other public spaces with the Good News. The Holy Spirit led one worker to go to a hospital where he prayed for patients and shared the gospel, resulting in four women and one man putting their faith in Christ. In another area, a native healer advised parents to kill their 19-year-old son because his epilepsy was a bad omen for the family, but a local missionary prayed for him and he was healed, leading the family and seven others in the village to receive Christ. Workers need donations to share the gospel and follow up with new believers. Pray for healing and salvation amid widespread suffering.

December 3rd


Remote Hmong villagers without electricity are cut off from the larger world as their community is accessible only by broken roads through rough terrain. When local missionaries brought the message of eternal life along with rice, cooking oil and clothes, destitute villagers who had never heard the gospel showed great interest in the message. Workers are continuing to visit them. A trip to another area strengthened villagers whose faith was waning, while many others put their trust in Christ. Local missionaries providing discipleship training there and throughout the country need donations of $60 to proclaim Christ and follow up with those who believe. They request prayer for safety.

December 4th


A mother of two young children thanked Christian Aid Mission donors for the monthly grocery bags she received from a local ministry every month, as her family had lost their income when her husband died of COVID-19. “You cannot imagine the tremendous help that the monthly bags of food have meant that have practically saved us from starvation,” she said. Another young mother said she and her husband both lost their jobs to the pandemic and feared they would not eat, just as workers showed up to deliver food aid. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such relief and other compassionate aid. Pray workers will be protected from crime and COVID-19.

December 5th


Visiting unreached villages, forming friendships and organizing talks, local missionaries are spreading gospel seeds. When people suffering illness receive healing prayer, word of their recovery and faith spreads to other families and villages, and they attend gospel meetings. Some people take years to put their faith in Christ, others do so instantly. At a recent event, seven families expressed willingness to receive Christ. Workers need donations of $60 for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray they will overcome barriers arising from opposition and the pandemic.

December 6th


A young girl who received care at a local ministry’s orphanage for three years impressed her relatives when she went to live with them, praying before eating and bedtime, urging them to forgive others and showing love to all. A relative who asked the ministry director about her transformation soon received Christ’s salvation and has brought other relatives to home church fellowship where they have put their faith in Christ. Workers leading such people to Christ need donations of $25 or $50 to share the gospel, follow up with believers and train others to do the same. Pray that fellowships will remain strong amid the challenges of the pandemic.

December 7th


Local missionaries are encouraged that the Christians they’re training to spread the gospel and lead churches in the Arab world are eager to learn how to pray, listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and disciple others. Workers are training and equipping hundreds of Christians and sending them back to their countries – Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and others – to help build God’s kingdom. Local missionaries are also serving others in practical ways such as distributing food coupons to more than 400 families suffering from the pandemic. Ministries throughout the country need donations for their monthly upkeep as they carry out these activities. Pray that new Christians will expand God’s kingdom.

December 8th


From an epileptic Iraqi who arrived in need of food and legal help to a Kurdish teenager who was alone and homeless, local missionaries provide aid and assistance to refugees that can mean the difference between life and death amid the pandemic. Desperate families arrive in need of the baby formula, clothes and other aid that workers provide along with counseling and help in securing education for children. The ministry needs donations of $35 or $70 for these and other services that the social workers, interpreters and other personnel provide. Pray for more workers to meet growing case loads and for protection from COVID-19.