August 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

August 1

Help Send the Gospel in Syria

About 150 university students with little chance of ever knowing about Christ heard the gospel thanks to the efforts of a devout woman who has become a leading local missionary. She has discipled those who put their faith in Christ and helped them find churches, and those who complete her discipleship program are sent to plant and lead new fellowships of 10 people each. She and other workers making home visits and organizing evangelistic events established 14 new house churches over a six-month period. Donations are sought for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray that workers low in resources will be encouraged and inspired.

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August 2

Equip Evangelists in Brazil

Local missionaries obtained an invitation to visit elders of a large, semi-isolated people to tell them how the gospel had freed villagers of the Ticuna tribe from alcoholism and vice to living blessed by the Lord. The next day one of the elders became the first leader from his ethnic group to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. In another area, the mother of a seriously sick child asked a local missionary to pray for healing, and the worker first shared the gospel with her and her father. Both mother and grandfather put their faith in Christ, and after prayer the child recovered. Donations are sought for such gospel outreach and nurturing of new believers. Pray that worship in spirit and truth will unite churches.

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August 3

Help Form Strong Disciples in China

The daughter and son-in-law of a man suffering from cancer heard his testimony after a local missionary led him to repent and accept Christ, and when he died they saw the heavenly hope of Christians at his memorial service. Since then the couple has been learning about Christ and Christian fellowship at church services. Another worker’s Bible study helped transform the life of a woman who suffered anxiety and bitterness until she learned to bring relational problems to the throne of grace. Her husband and children have grown closer to God as a result. Local missionaries need donations to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the gospel will overcome many barriers.

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August 4

Help Power Church Planters in South Asia

A tribal woman was tormented by malevolent spirits for nearly three years, her family spending huge sums on hospitals, temples, astrologers and practitioners of black magic without effect. She was dubious when a local missionary told her Christ could deliver people from all bondage and sickness, but once she trusted in the Lord for salvation and received prayer, she experienced an otherworldly peace. This led her entire family to receive Christ. Local missionaries seeing God work through them in such ways throughout the region need donations to proclaim Christ and bring new believers to maturity. Pray that new churches will be a sweet aroma in their communities.

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August 5

Impart the Message of Salvation in Sierra Leone

A woman suffering from severe stomach pain attended an evangelistic event where local missionaries prayed for her, and she was instantly healed. She and her relatives were one of many families who recently turned to the Lord, though many people will not attend Sunday services until the ministry completes its church building. Workers trained as teachers and leaders have planted five house churches and have encouraged those who participate in them to start cell groups in their respective communities. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such gospel outreach and follow-up. Pray that new Christians would grow in love and service.

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August 6

Help Spread the Good News in the Philippines

Three siblings heard the gospel from a local missionary, accepted Christ and then came to Sunday worship with their parents. Workers shared about Christ with their parents after the church service, and they also trusted in Christ and were baptized along with their children. The ministry reached many people with the salvation message face-to-face and in online meetings. At one event, workers invited 40 rickshaw drivers, and all of them accepted Christ – and allowed their children to attend weekend gospel classes. Workers need donations of $25 or $50 for these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that workers’ love for the Lord will be reflected in their outreach.

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August 7

Make Eternal Life Known in Iraq

During a time of war, a Muslim who had learned about Christ through satellite TV programs had no one to answer his questions about Christianity, but after fighting ended he told a local missionary that when his city was being bombed, Jesus had visited him in a dream and given him a message. The message was undisclosed, but the worker told him it was in Scripture and later began an online Bible study with him – and his friends. Another worker had the opportunity to lead five Muslim families to Christ. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelistic outreach and discipleship. Pray the Lord would call many more to Himself.

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August 8

Help Send Word of Redemption in Greece

A young Muslim from Iraq arrived as a refugee after Islamist militants tortured him and killed his father. When local missionaries led him to faith in Christ, he said he felt a sense of freedom, peace and joy. Workers at weekly Bible studies have discipled the many refugees who have come to Christ and, due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, have brought others to maturity through WhatsApp messages every Sunday. Local missionaries recently baptized 16 new believers. Donations are sought for these and other evangelistic outreaches and follow-up. Pray that new believers will build strong relationships with Christians.

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August 9

Help Uplift Communities in North Africa

An impoverished woman supporting three children as well as her siblings was able to make ends meet with a micro-enterprise loan from a local ministry; it made her fish business more profitable, one of various projects that bring hope in Christ’s name and help break the cycle of poverty. Workers also made capital available to the elderly so they could earn a living from livestock or other small businesses. The ministry runs a school and helps educate or care for 550 children. Donations are sought for these and other community engagement projects throughout the region. Pray the Lord’s name would be glorified as people’s dignity is restored.

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August 10

Help Save the Lost in Chad

Men, women and children of a village steeped in fetishism wore many amulets to protect against evil spirits until a local missionary brought them the Good News of Christ’s salvation. After accepting Christ, the residents walked in the Spirit and worshiped God, and their fetishes and amulets were burned. In another area, hearing the gospel from a native worker changed the heart of an older woman. She and her son began taking discipleship courses at a local ministry center and accepted Christ. Workers proclaiming Christ throughout the country need donations to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray those facing opposition will remain steadfast.

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August 11

Help Give Voice to the Gospel in Bangladesh

A worker visiting a village met a man whose mother was so ill that the family was kept in isolation out of fear that she had COVID-19. The villager invited the local missionary to visit and pray for his mother, and after her rapid recovery, the man and his entire family put their faith in Christ. Other workers recently established the ministry’s first church among an undisclosed ethnic group. In another area, 33 people were baptized and formed two new churches. Donations are sought for local missionaries to undertake such gospel proclamation and discipleship. Pray that new Christians will find strong churches in which to grow.

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August 12

Feed Hungry Children in Peru

Poor children faced pressure to sell trinkets rather than attend school, and local missionaries encouraged them to stay in class. Every day of the week, children also received nutritious lunches at the local ministry’s feeding center, giving them the health they needed to excel in class and helping workers sow the seeds of God’s kingdom. The lunch is often the only meal of the day for one 10-year-old boy, who said, “Thank you for providing me with this food, you love me more than my mom and dad since they never come to visit me, and they don’t buy my food.” Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to feed hungry children. Pray the Lord will fulfill His purposes for each child.

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August 13

Help Cover Worker Upkeep in South Asia

In the face of disease and poverty, local missionaries are bringing the Word and building the kingdom of God. Workers saw prayer deliver a woman from depression and free a man from drug addiction, while others offered vocational training that enabled 14 girls to start a tailoring center. Leaders shared God’s Word online during pandemic lockdowns, and workers sharing the gospel in person led seven people to enter into a saving relationship with the Lord. Such local missionaries throughout the region need donations of $60 or $120 for their living expenses. Pray workers will receive God’s anointing in their everyday service to others.

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August 14

Bring Gospel Transformation in China

A young mother at a church had severe conflicts with her husband until local missionaries had the opportunity to begin teaching her at a group Bible study. Though her husband also contributed to their conflicts, their marital problems began to dissolve as she applied her Bible learning. Her unbelieving husband began discussing the Bible with her and sometimes joined church fellowship, and her non-Christian mother-in-law began attending prayer meetings. Other workers recently started Bible studies, youth camp training and evangelistic ministries in several new areas. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray hearts will soften to the gospel.

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August 15

Send Message of Life in Christ in Kenya

A 29-year-old man recently ran into the midst of a local ministry’s evangelistic event and began confessing that he had killed six young women. Ministry leaders prayed for him as he cried out, while some in the growing crowd moved closer to try to lynch him. Police arrested him, and in the course of his prosecution he put his faith in Christ. He was one of 1,500 people saved over the six months of the ministry’s evangelistic outreaches, resulting in the planting of 22 churches. Workers throughout the country need donations of $25 or $50 for the means to proclaim Christ and disciple those who believe. Pray new Christians will find role models for a lifetime of faith.

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August 16

Help Cover Missionary Expenses in South Asia

Even as COVID-19 took the lives of many loved ones, local missionaries brought the love of Christ to the poor in the way of food and other aid. Workers at one ministry supplied food rations to nearly 100 families over a six-month period, as well as to a children’s home and to widows. During school closures, local ministries helped support teachers to continue children’s education, besides supplying whiteboards and desks for their studies. For these and other outreaches, local missionaries throughout the region need donations for their monthly upkeep. Pray that many suffering people will find relief and comfort as workers follow Christ’s command to help the poor.

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August 17

Provide Aid for the Needy in Lebanon

As the economy has deteriorated, local missionaries have stepped up aid for the growing number of poor among both the Lebanese and refugees. Workers who provided mattresses, food boxes, medication, clothing, fuel vouchers and cash assistance had the opportunity to pray for needy families as they visited their homes. Such aid has helped build trust and relationships for proclaiming Christ, and the many Syrian refugees and Lebanese who have put their faith in Christ are helping to distribute aid. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such compassionate outreach. Pray that lives will not only be saved but turned toward Christ.

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August 18

Power Gospel Outreach in Spain

Minutes after a worker shared the gospel on a prison patio, an 18-year-old inmate told him he didn’t believe in God. They began a conversation, the inmate received a Bible, and after further visits over the next month, the young convict received Christ and His grace. The inmate has led other prisoners to freedom in Christ. Refugees, prostitutes, drug addicts and others are coming to Christ and forming house churches as workers train each one how to share their testimonies within two minutes. Local missionaries need donations to carry out these and other evangelistic initiatives. Pray that churches will be unified in the bond of Christ’s love.

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August 19

Bring Word of Life to the Lost in Laos

A couple put their faith in Christ, and soon the husband was miraculously healed of a serious illness that neither medical doctors nor witchdoctors had been able to cure. The couple lived at the home of the husband’s father, who kicked them out for leaving the traditional religion of their ancestors, but they remained steadfast in faith after moving to the crowded home of the wife’s relatives. Local missionaries led seminars, visited villages and posted live gospel messages on Facebook as they led 1,213 people to Christ over a six-month period. Donations are sought to undertake such evangelism and discipleship. Pray the Lord will provide for those suffering for their faith.

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August 20

Transform Communities in Nigeria

Villagers used to walk more than seven miles to get water before local missionaries provided borehole wells for the community, which has brought good health. A vocational program that includes training health workers and traditional birth attendants has also fostered good will, and the village chief called residents together so local workers could talk to them about God; the message was well-received. In this area and three others, local missionaries provided borehole wells that serve more than 21,000 people and began planting churches. Donations are sought for such community engagement projects. Pray the Lord would protect His people amid many dangers.

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August 21

Help Release Gospel Power in Sri Lanka

In spite of unrest and upheaval, the gospel went forth as local missionaries visited villages, returned later to those they met and built close relationships – often praying with them at night. Workers also reached people online or by phone. A local missionary introduced a woman to Christ by phone, and she requested many more conversations, ultimately putting her faith in the Lord. She led her husband to saving faith and is also telling her neighbors about Christ. Workers sharing their faith with others and discipling them to maturity need donations of $25 or $50 for such outreach. Pray that many people living in turmoil would find peace in Christ.

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August 22

Help Send Aid to Refugees in Turkey

For the few refugees who can find work, pandemic curfews have kept them from getting to their jobs, as such violations can result in deportation and large fines. Many malnourished refugees are below healthy weight. “Our help is of vital importance to them,” the ministry leader said. “Seeing the joy in their eyes when we take the basic items to them means everything.” Nearly 900 families have received the food, water, blankets, hygiene packets and other critical aid over a six-month span, more than 5,340 people. Workers need donations of $35 or $70 to provide such compassionate aid, which includes Bibles. Pray that refugees will see the love of Christ in each item distributed.

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August 23

Help Form and Strengthen Disciples in Mexico

His friends and father were heavy drinkers, and a 17-year-old boy was on the verge of falling into the same lifestyle before a local missionary led him to Christ. He faced ridicule from his friends, and his father often beat him for becoming a Christian, but he was very public that he would not deny Christ and hoped to win others from his ethnic group with his testimony. Workers recently discipled other new believers in the process of planting churches and distributed more than 6,000 Bibles and 500 audio Bibles. They and other workers need donations to proclaim the gospel and follow-up with new believers. Pray that villagers will overcome strong cultural barriers to accepting Christ.

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August 24

Help Support Local Missionaries in Burma

Working amid coup-related violence and another wave of COVID-19, local missionaries provided food as well as the message of eternal life in Christ to hundreds of war victims in camps for the internally displaced. During the Christmas season, evangelists reached four villages with the gospel, and many people who had worshipped nature gods repented and accepted Christ. Workers also provided medicines to various villages and medications and nutrition-rich food to kids at a children’s home. Donations of $60 are sought to help cover the monthly living expenses of local missionaries impoverished by war and disease. Pray workers’ spirits will be encourage and uplifted.

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August 25

Help Provide Worker Income in Pakistan

Praises that local missionaries visiting homes, counseling people and leading Bible studies and prayer meetings saw many people confess their sins and trust in Christ. A day-laborer who had attended church services without committing to the Lord recently accepted Him, and local missionaries also led a government worker addicted to alcohol to saving faith. The man left his drinking habit and is now active in church. Local missionaries undertaking these and other outreaches need donations for their monthly living expenses. Pray the Lord’s name would be glorified as Christians spread light in areas of spiritual darkness.

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August 26

Provide Gospel Tools and Training in Africa

In an area known for alcohol, drugs and crime, local missionaries began sharing the gospel with young people, and 11 youths showed up at the native ministry’s church, confessed their sins and accepted Christ. Discipling them and other young people, workers saw amazing growth, and the 11 former delinquents were baptized. At evangelistic events that took place over a six-month span, local missionaries praised God that more than 75 people put their faith in Christ. Workers need donations of $60 or $120 for the tools, training and means to proclaim Christ and follow-up with new believers. Pray the Lord will break down barriers to expand His kingdom.

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August 27

Provide Worker Living Allowance in China

A native ministry oversees 10 churches and four student fellowships, and some of the newer churches do not yet have full-time pastors. Local workers put in long days teaching and counseling those in their care, besides organizing camps for children and university students. The students were renewed in spirit and strengthened for ministry, and the young children increased their knowledge of Christ. At the ministry’s main church, eight new converts were baptized. Local missionaries building the kingdom of God throughout the country need donations for their living allowance. Pray the Lord would help young leaders to handle large responsibilities.

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August 28

Help Make Gospel Heard in Indonesia

A 56-year-old man invited local missionaries to his home to talk about God, and when the workers showed up, 40 friends and relatives had gathered. They all accepted Christ and, over the following month, were baptized. Local missionaries there and in other areas focused on teaching disciples to share their faith and saw many people accept Christ, and the Lord often confirmed their message with miracles. Within six months, 900 people came to faith in Christ. Workers need donations to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that strong leaders will emerge for new churches.

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August 29

Send Critical Relief to Refugees in Europe

Refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine and countries in the Middle East and Africa continued to pour into Europe, and local missionaries showed the love of Christ with urgently needed food, clothing and hygiene items. Refugee children also received schoolbooks and other class materials. A local ministry in Spain has opened more centers to receive refugees from Ukraine, and in those and other sites workers developed relationships and led many souls to faith in Christ. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide such compassionate aid to traumatized refugees. Pray that hearts finding hope in Christ will expand God’s kingdom in their later destinations.

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August 30

Help Workers Plant Churches in South Asia

In spite of pandemic lockdowns, workers at one ministry undertook numerous outreaches, prayer meetings and Bible studies that resulted in nearly 4,000 people putting their faith in Christ over the course of six months. An upper-caste tribe came to Christ and were set free from their former practices and ways of worship. Other workers established six new congregations. Donations are sought for local missionaries to undertake such evangelism and discipleship projects. Pray the gospel would overcome all barriers to transform more hearts.

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August 31

Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Giving priority to native ministries sharing the gospel with the world’s unreached and least reached peoples, Christian Aid Mission finds and supports local workers who are in the best position to convey the message of eternal life in Christ. Most of these native missionaries are in areas of poverty or persecution. You are their lifeline to fulfilling their desire to see their own people come to salvation through personal relationship with the Lord. Please consider a donation today to help us find, vet and evaluate local missionaries. Pray for many missionaries suffering hardship in countries with troubled economies.

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